Ultimate Contact Sheet Slideshow After Effects Template


Display your beautiful photography with the Ultimate Contact Sheet template- the stylish and modern de-sign is perfect for any project- wedding, fashion, corporate, or everyday life!

Each of the 50 photos is it’s own animated scene so you can easily edit the timeline to use just what you need.

Every animated photo scene can easily be switched from landscape to portrait orientation- that’s TWO different animations in one scene! Just turn on the cam-era layer you need- Landscape or Portrait- and the template does all of the work for you.

The Blur & Focus camera effects are on a single layer that can be turned off or moved in the timeline- no keyframes to mess with!

Customize the length of the 4 video scenes by moving ONE layer marker! Select your ‘freeze frame’ for the end of the video then move your layer marker to the place in the timeline you ‘d like the video to stop playing.

Easy to customize and update if you need to swap out a photo- simply check a box to display the numbered labels for all photos so you can easily find and replace images.


  • 50 Photo Scenes
  • 4 Video Scenes
  • Two Optional Text areas for each Scene
  • 1 Closing Logo Scene
  • 1 Closing Text Scene
  • 3 Opening Text Scenes
  • 3 Video Scenes
  • 2 Light Leaks video overlays
  • animated circle, square, and arrow animations
  • HD1080
  • Adobe After Effects 2023 and newer versions
  • TRT: (02:17) Main Preview Montage

Download Includes

  • Ultimate-Contact-Sheet-Slideshow-template.aep
  • markings.psd
  • arrows.psd
  • (2) Light
  • Leak quicktime movies with Alpha