How to Combine After Effects Files or Templates

by Marissa Joyner January 07, 2015

Working with After Effects templates can be a great time saver but what if you need the final animation to be longer or need more placeholders?

Combining two After Effects template files together is the most effective way to achieve both of these goals without the fear of messing up a project.

Some After Effects beginners may not realize that you can actually import an entire project into another- this opens up lots of possibilities when searching for templates to create your next video. You can use parts of one template, combine it with another, then you’ve got lots of control over the final output.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to combine two template files together to add another scene or placeholder to the Simple Grid Slideshow After Effects template.

How to Combine Two After Effects files

Step 01:
Save your original After Effects file.

Step 02:
Go to File/Save/Save A Copy..

Step 03:
Open the Copy file then customize the template with your new photos or videos. Be sure to Save when you’re done.

Step 04:
Now open the original After Effects file.

Step 05:
Go to File/Import/File.. Select the Copied After Effects file (it will have an .aep file extension) and click Open.

Step 06:
You’ll see in the Project Panel that After Effects has imported the Copied After Effects file as a folder. Inside this folder you’ll find all the compositions, solids, and any assets used in this After Effects file.

Step 07:
Now here’s the fun part! With your Render Comp timeline selected to go the Composition menu then select Composition Settings. In the pop up window go to the Duration section and add some time to the composition’s duration. This setting will give you more space (and therefore time) in the timeline so you can add more scenes or placeholder compositions.

Step 08:
Now you’re ready! In the Copied After Effects file’s folder select the comps you want to use then drag and drop them into your final Render composition. Move them around in the timeline as needed.

“SCAP” After Effects Script
If you don’t need import an entire copied project and just want to export one single composition there’s a great script available at called “SCAP” or “Save Composition As Project”. The script saves a selected composition timeline as it’s own project file complete with all the assets- solids, pre-comps, etc.

Hopefully this knowledge will help you when creating a video with a template that’s almost perfect but needs just a few more seconds.

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Marissa Joyner
Marissa Joyner


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