Professionally Designed Animated Infographics

Animate your data with this simple and modern two color Infographics V2 After Effects template.

data driven spreadsheet animation after effects template
Render the main preview composition or render each infographic composition individually to use in other videos. Easy-to-follow instructions will show you how to customize the template with your text and enter your data in each chart.


  • 10 Animated Charts

  • Video Tutorials Included in Download
  • Color Controls
  • Modular Design
  • HD 1920x1080

  • Adobe After Effects CS4 and up and all CC versions

  • Compatible with Mac and PC

Customers have used this template for:

  • Replacing Power Point presentations with engaging videos

  • Educational videos for Youtube

  • Broadcast news or explainer videos

Charts Included:

The project is modular so it’s easy to customize, re-edit and remix.

    filled line graph comparison chart animation template after effects infogrpahics
    segmented pie chart infographics v2 after effects template
    pie chart with hole infographics v2 template after effects
    single line graph after effects template
    country statistic percentage infographics v2 after effects template
    every second infographic template after effects
    comparison line graph animation template after effects infogrpahics
    logo pie chart animation template after effects infogrpahics
    • Filled Graph with 4 separate statistics
    • Logo Pie Chart
    • Double Line Graph
    • Classic Animated Pie Chart
    • Comparison Bar Graph, compare two sets of data over a period of time
    • World Statistics: place statistics on the world map for any country
    • Country Percentage: Easily replace your own country’s image
    • Every Number of Hours
    • Segmented Pie Chart- Pie chart with 8 sections for statistics
    • Every # Seconds

    More Help

    Checkout this Youtube tutorial playlist for the Infographics V2 After Effects Template

    Technical Info:

    • File size: 176.6 MB
    • Music not included
    • TRT: (1:03) Main Preview
    • No Plugins Required
    • Universal Expressions- use in any language
    • Multi-Use License- see Licensing for more info