Make Your Social Media Videos More Engaging

social media video graphics mogrt

Edit with the Essential Graphics Panel in Premiere Pro to customize text, color, opacity, positions, and timing.

Use over and over again in the Premiere Pro timeline, copy and paste to keep your customization or start fresh with each mogrt you add to the timeline.

  • 68 .mogrt files

  • Font Controls

  • Responsive Time Enabled

  • HD1080, 4K, Vertical (1080x1920),

    Square (1080x1080) included

  • PDF Tutorial Included

  • Compatible with Mac and PC

social media video graphics for premiere pro mogrts

Great for...

  • Social Media videos

  • Animated Video Captions

  • Videos played with the sound off

What's Included

  • Highlighted Text with Bottom Overlay
  • Three Lines Scale up and Stretch
  • Auto-scale Text on Background Bars with 4 animation options
  • Closed Caption Effect
  • Three Lines Wipe
  • Paragraph Box Stretch and Blur
  • Paragraph Text Swing Down
  • Two Line Captions with three animation options

  • Paragraph Text Slide In
  • Quote Blur Words
  • Quote Fade Up Lines
  • Quote Overlay Slide In
  • Paragraph Box Scale up
  • Full Screen Title
  • Paragraph Text Flip Up
  • Paragraph Slide Up
  • Text with Alpha Matte
  • FAQ

    How do I use a .mogrt file in Premiere Pro?