Easy Text Messaging Animations

text message animation with video template

The Text Messaging After Effects Template makes texting animations easier than ever! But why stop with words? Add video or photo messages to your text messaging animation! The expressions allow the text messaging conversation to animate pretty much on its own.

  • 40 Messages in on Animation

  • 80 Placeholders for Photos or Videos
  • 4 Placeholders for Background Videos
  • Video and PDF Instructions Included
  • PDF Instructions Included
  • Multi-Use License

  • Compatible with Adobe After Effects CS4 through CC2020

  • Mac and PC Compatible

Use this slideshow template for…

  • Text message animations

  • Overlay text chat over video

More Features

text message after effects template fluxvfx

Move the text animation any where on screen.

Create a one word or one paragraph message by adjusting the width and height of each box. Photo or Video message option with 1-click

text message after effects template fluxvfx

Technical Info:

  • File size: 371 MB
  • Music used in the preview can be purchased here.
  • Sound effect can be purchased here
  • No plugins required
  • Universal Expressions- use in any language
  • Multi-Use License- see Licensing for more info

More Help

Learn how to customize the Text Message After Effects template