Auto-updated USA Map Charts

Customize all charts and graphs data with the included spreadsheets- After Effects changes the data and animation automatically!
data driven infographic map spreadsheet animation after effects template


  • 10 Charts

  • Combine Maps and Auto-Sorted Lists
  • Requires Adobe After Effects CC2019 and up
  • Video and PDF Tutorial
  • 4K 3840x2160

  • Compatible with Mac and PC

bubble map united states chart statistics after effects template
gradient color usa map infographic chart after effects template

Customers used this template for:

  • Covid-19 infection rate updates

  • Annual reports

  • Broadcast news graphics

  • Infographics for Social media videos

two color usa map infographics template after effects fluxvfx

What's Included:

  • 2 Color USA Map
  • 4 Color Range USA Map
  • Gradient Color Range USA Map
  • All 50 States List
  • Top 10- List Ascending Order
  • Bottom 10- List Descending Order
  • Single State Graphic Two Data Sets
  • State Graphic and Data
  • Combo
  • Average and Total Boxes
50 states statistics alphabetical list infographic after effects template
state infographics template after effects fluxvfx
sorted list infographic after effects template
united states data by state infographic
combine map and data graphics after effects template

The project is modular so it’s easy to customize, re-edit and remix.


The number of data sets in the charts cannot be expanded by adding more rows in the spreadsheet; After Effects does not auto-generate graphics based on the spreadsheet. If you need more data sets than are included please contact us!

Technical Info:

  • USA Map vector files included
  • 4K 3840x2160
  • Video Tutorial Included
  • Combine elements on screen
  • .csv files included for each chart
  • List animations auto-sort data for you

Video Tutorial

Learn all about the template features, what’s included, and how to customize the charts and text areas!